• What Warne and Bhogle have in common
    August 28, 2009

    Anand Vasu Let’s get some facts out of the way at the outset. Shane Warne is a legend of the game who some experts rate the best of all time. His career highs and occasional lows are well documented. Few players of the modern era have imposed themselves on the game, stamping their presence on […]

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  • Talk star
    March 20, 2000

    Rohit Brijnath He’s “fearless”. If you say so. He’s “delightful”. Well, really. He’s “elegant”. So who’s to argue. He’s “intelligent”. Fine, alright, we heard you first time, we get the point. But no, they go on. He’s “the best thing in Australia since vegemite”. Oh c’mon, desist from this drooling, cease this coddling, his ego […]

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