I’ve always wanted to have a blog. it just seemed cool but i was too lazy and unwilling to understand the technology. it seemed such a free, unrestricted way of writing, so different from the great discipline of live television where timing is everything.

it is peculiar. i am more the blog writing, grunge dressing, informal kind of person and i have made a living wearing formal clothes, doing television and working with time and word limits.

and so i am excited about a blog; excited about writing only as much as i want to; or indeed as much as i want to.

i tried doing it on twitter where too i was a reluctant inductee. in fact my account was opened by someone else who thought more than i did that i should be there. i have enjoyed it most times but the 140 character limit sometimes comes in the way of explaining things. and twitter is not a very reflective  medium where people  take time to understand what someone is trying to say!

and so the blog where i can explain but am not tied down by having to reach a word limit.

a blog also allows you to experiment with styles, with content. cricket has been my identity but it cannot be my constraint. i love it dearly but i have thoughts on other things too and i don’t have an outlet for them.

there is a lot that i want to do on this website. hopefully you will see it as you go along. there will be a fair bit of me, but it is not an ego thing. there seems to be a certain curiosity about what i do. i haven’t understood why but i am not complaining and so i will try and say little things that might interest people. hopefully.

here we go…….